Teoria Reshenia Izobretatelskih Zadatch!

Many creative developers pride themselves for being able to think ‘out-of-the box’ and solve problems. I do not deny that I am one of them, I love doing it. However, many companies in Western society see creative problem solving as a process that cannot be governed, but as a talent unique to the lucky few. Well, Soviet scientist Altshuller proved differently, showing that problem solving is a systematic process that can be learned instead of a talent a person is born with.

Already at a young age Genrich Altshuller had an incredible apt for invention. He filed his first patent when he was fourteen and designed his first invention, an escape pod for submarines, when he was just a twenty year old student. The escape pod design was immediately claimed by the Sovjet army and declared a military secret. A number of inventions from Altshuller followed, of which many military. But a brilliant mind such as Altshuller’s attracts attention and many people with problems came to him for help. Instead of designing specific solutions Altshuller decided to search for a method that could help others solve their own problems. During the rest of his life Altshuller would develop the theory of inventive problem solving, Teoria Reshenia Izobretatelskih Zadatch, acronymed TRIZ.

The students of the Twente University are given the chance to participate in a two week summer course in which that become an advanced level practitioner of TRIZ. The course is given by one of the leading figures of the TRIZ community, Valeri Souchkov. Describing all the different TRIZ tools is impractical. In general the tools can be used to solve both technical and abstract problems by eliminating negative effects and contradictions. Furthermore, tools can be used to make predictions that steer and streamline the invention processes.

NB. An assigment in which multiple TRIZ tools are used is being executed right now. The results of this assignment will be posted here, giving a more streamlined view of how TRIZ can be used. 

TRIZ 001