Game, Set and …. Flash!

Sport 1 Open is one of the lesser known tennis tournaments. It takes place in a village called Scheveningen which is part of the city of Den Haag. Don’t tell people from Scheveningen that they are from The Hague, because you would not hear the end of it!

The tournament is quite small. All the matches take place in a single week,  the total amount of price money ‘only’ holds 75 thousand euro’s and a total of almost 1000 ATP points will be divided according to the winnings. These winnings are too small to attract players as Federer or Nadal, but is certainly enough for the runner ups to show up.
What really differentiates this tournament from others is the vibe that surrounds the entire week of matches. Apart from the center court there are no tribunes, the audience just sits in the grass next to the court. Between matches players mingle with the crowd, joking with family and friends. I even spotted a frail old man with a walking stick cross the center court between sets.The referee acted like he did not notice and let it pass. (A shame I did not get a picture of him, but oh well, you can’t have everything.)

This tournament was the perfect opportunity to try some action shots. I am pretty satisfied with the results, so I decided to post a selection of them. Enjoy!


Martin Fischer waiting to return the serve.



Mark de Jong (playing at his own club) moving forward to intercept a dropshot.



Jesse Huta Galung returning a well placed serve.



Marc Gicquel just before returning the ball with topspin swing.



Radu Albot making up for his length by jumping as high as possible during his serve.



Florent Serra serving.



An overview of the center court, Matwe Middelkoop serving.