Classical Viscom

New techniques of visual communication have given designers the possibility to view a product before it is actually created. By modeling and rendering a product in dedicated software it is possible to create highly realistic images and movies that show its appearance and the use of the product. But while practically every young designer focusses on these new techniques there are still advantages in mastering the art of classical viscom.

The term classical viscom envelopes every non-digital visual communication skills, such as painting, model making and writing. The most commonly used classical tool is sketching wich is still widely used today in the design industry. Sketching does not limit the designers creativity as most inflexible modeling programs do and remains a great tool to generate new ideas and product variations. And everyone can draw a sketch, it just looks better when they know the simple basics.
A design professional, be it an engineer or a manager, should now these basics of classical viscom. The images below show that a product can be classically rendered to show its appearance and that it can be used as a communication and idea generation tool.


Sketching 1.8


Sketching 1.1


Sketching 1.2


Sketching 1.4


Sketching 2.1


Sketching 2.2


Sketching 1.3


Sketching 1.5


Sketching 1.6


Sketching 1.7